We are more than just singers: we are also the boss of our own company and our own brand. Your headshots, resumes, websites, and social media accounts are your first impression, and must reflect your hard work and individuality. 

Our Branding Workshop gives you step-by-step instructions on how to craft your brand and design your resume, Curriculum Vitae, repertoire list, logo, letterheads, and more! With our informative video and 34 page companion workbook, we will teach you how to get great headshots, what you need for your photoshoot, what information needs to be present on your websites and social media pages, and how to clean up your online presence so your brand and business look professional! Don’t be another paper on their desk. Make your materials pop! To access this workshop or for more information, visit modernsingermag.shop.


What's included?

A 40 minute video tutorial and 34 page workbook jam-packed with information on:

  • How to create your brand

  • How to choose and use your signature fonts and color

  • How to create your logo

  • How to build your resume

  • How to choose your photographer

  • How to prepare for a photoshoot

  • What you need to do before, during, and after a photoshoot

  • How to edit your headshots

  • What to post on social media

  • How to increase your social media presence 

  • How to construct your website to reflect your brand 

  • What every website needs

       ...AND MORE!

What are you waiting for? Start crafting your brand TODAY!

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