The start of a new school year is so exciting! New teachers, new colleagues, new goals, and, of course, a new planner! Specifically designed for teacher and student, our new day planner targets your singer-specific needs and keeps you organized all year. This planner gives you access to 20 different templates in two different colors. That is over 68 pages! 


What's included?

  • Important Dates Page

  • Class Schedule 

  • Daily To-Do List

  • Weekly Goals Sheet

  • Weekly calendar (horizontal layout)

  • Weekly calendar (Vertical layout)

  • Monthly Calendar 

  • Practice Schedule 

  • Password Tracker

  • Motivational Quote Cover Pages for each month

  • Monthly bills checklist

  • Monthly Habit Tracker- Tracking Hydration, Practice and more!

  • Monthly Mood Tracker

  • Rep Study Sheet

  • Rep Analysis Sheet

  • Role Study Checklist

  • Masterclass Note-Taking Sheet

  • Lesson/Coaching Progress Sheet

  • Contact Sheet

  • Self-Assessment

What are you waiting for?!
Make sure your school year starts off the right way by purchasing our 2019/2020 Modern Singer Day Planner!

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